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From vascular surgery to phlebology, a passion

With this site I would like to help you to better understand venous conditions, such as venous reflux and venous thrombosis and the relevant treatments so that you can make informed decisions about your health.The aim of my work is to improve my patients’ quality of life as much as possible through cutting edge diagnostics and minimally invasive treatments.

The circulatory system has always been my great passion. The more you go into its studies, the more you realize how much the venous system is much more complex and interesting than one might think.

Phlebology is a relatively recent discipline that offers various areas of research and development. Phlebology is an area in which I keep specializing in thanks to the continuous collaboration with international centers of excellence in which avant-garde techniques and methodologies are developed.

Curriculum vitae

Gabriele Bertoni was born in 1974 in Milan , where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2001, he specialized in Vascular Surgery in 2008 and obtained his Ph.D. in 2012.

During his university studies, his specialty and doctorate he spent several years working at prestigious institutions outside Italy, particularly in England, where he deepens his training in various fields, acquires the ability to work in international teams with different styles and refines the sensitivity towards the patients’ needs.

In the academic year 2000-2001 he took part in the ERASMUS project at The Academisch Ziekenhaus in Maastricht, in the Netherlands.

In 2002-2003 he is in Oxford, at John Radcliffe Hospital, where he returned from 2004 to 2006 with different roles both in the department of vascular surgery and cardiac surgery.

In Italy he has mainly carried out his profession in Lombardy, with the following Institutes: Policlinico di San Donato (Milan), Civil Hospital of Vimercate (Milan), Italian Institute for Auxology (Milan, Verbania), L. Sacco Hospital (Milan) and San Gerardo Hospital (Monza).

Currently, alongside the private activity in Italy, he works in collaboration with the prestigious The Whiteley Clinic in London for a path of further specialization in venous surgery.


Thanks to the many research experiences - also in the international landscape - and to my PhD, he wrote dozens of texts ranging from essays on cardiovascular and thoracic surgery to specific works on the most advanced techniques used in phlebology.

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